Patriotism Takes Root in Roxborough

Photo courtesy of The Projekt e Photography Team

Photo courtesy of The Projekt e Photography Team

Have you seen the American flag on the hogback off of Village Circle West? The flag was the brainchild of Patricia Jenkins, President of the Roxborough Arts Council (RAC), who wanted to “create something in the community that everyone could feel good about.” She chose the flag theme in honor of Flag Day and the 4th of July.

She and other volunteers from the community spent about four hours putting over 5,500 red, white and blue construction flags in the ground to create the American flag. The following people and organizations helped make this project possible: SCFD for the funding; Kelsey Jenkins (Board member at large); Erica Hollander (RAC Vice President); Beth Lancaster (long time RAC member); Renee Luka and her kids, Josh and Grace (parent helper for Take Part in Art); Roisin McEwen and her Roxborough Renegade 4-H Group; Anne Crane and her son Grayson; and Daphne Salisbery.

The flag project is just one of the many ways the Roxborough Arts Council gives back to our local community.  Through a partnership with Roxborough Elementary and the local Parent Teacher Involvement Committee (PTIC), RAC helps support the Take Part in Art program. This program brings special art classes to the students, one of which is the development of the banners you see hanging up around the Roxborough Marketplace.

"Take Part in Art" banner  project

Take Part in Art banner project

Members of RAC mentor local high school students interested in learning more about art and RAC is also responsible for the beautiful works of art around the community including the murals in the Roxborough Primary and Intermediate school cafeterias and the mural located in the Clock Tower at the Roxborough Marketplace.

There are currently 62 artists in the RAC, 90% of whom are Roxborough residents. These artists range from a wood turner, to photographers, sculptors, jewelers, potters and painters. The RAC is funded by the Science and Cultural Funds District (SCFD), and the Roxborough Marketplace has gifted the space for the Roxborough Art Gallery located next to the Waterton Tavern. In addition to the gallery, you can also find RAC member artists’ works on display in the Roxborough Library (Lockheed Martin Room), at Angel’s Share Wine Pub and at the local firehouse.

On the 2nd Friday of every month, RAC hosts a reception at the Art Gallery where you can meet many of the artists, learn more about the RAC, become a member, sign up for classes, and shop.

For more information on the Roxborough Arts Council visit or stop by the Art Gallery in the Roxborough Marketplace.


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