Seven Stones Chatfield Breaks Ground in Douglas County

DSC_0238Over 100 people attended the official ground breaking ceremony last week for Seven Stones Chatfield. The 35-acre botanical garden cemetery, located at North Rampart Range Road, south of Titan Road, is the first of its kind in Colorado, and is Douglas County’s first new cemetery in more than 100 years.

However, this is not your grandma’s cemetery. While the thought of a cemetery may conjure up images of rows of headstones found in traditional burial grounds, picture instead, beautiful gardens with flowers, trees, winding paths, water features, artistic sculptures, fire pits and outdoor gathering and seating areas.

With this new development, Seven Stones is reinventing the entire experience, offering a fresh approach and a peaceful place for people to honor and memorialize their loved ones and celebrate their lives.

This botanical gardens cemetery will include ground burial and cremation memorials, with many unique options and tributes never before available. Technology will also be included in memorial tributes, so each life story can be remembered and shared. These “memory medallions” will feature a QR code that people can scan with their smart phones to view photos, videos and other tributes to the deceased.

Mausoleums, private family estates, and pet memorials will also be incorporated as part of the garden, designed as a gathering place for people to remember and pay honor to their loved ones.Small Rendering

One of the challenges of traditional cemeteries is the ongoing maintenance costs associated with them and ensuring that they are well maintained long after they have reached capacity. Seven Stones will not be a maintenance-intensive location and the company has set up a perpetual care fund to ensure that the funding will be available to maintain the land for the long term.

Why the name Seven Stones? The number seven holds significance in almost every culture and religion. As the Seven Stones’ team better understood how rooted the number seven is in different cultures, it became clear that it embodies acceptance of all, which is a cornerstone of Seven Stones’ beliefs. In addition, it represents the seven core values of the company – inform, educate, engage, listen, learn, provide and ensure. “Stones” symbolize strength and durability, which fittingly describes the cemetery as a long-term, permanent fixture of the community.

This new development brings another small, locally owned business to northwest Douglas County – an area that is expecting increased growth in the near future.

“We are delighted to welcome Seven Stones Chatfield to northwest Douglas County,” said Amy Sherman, president of the Northwest Douglas County EDC. “As the first botanic gardens cemetery, they will fit perfectly into our Colorado lifestyle and our landscape.  We welcome innovative and forward thinking businesses to our region and look forward to having Seven Stones unite with our business community.”

DSC_0250Construction of Seven Stones Chatfield will begin next month. The site will be built in three phases, the first of which is planned to open in the fall of 2015.

For more information visit or call 303-717-7117.

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