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Ed Yeats

Sean Burke

Sean Burke


If you live in the Roxborough area, chances are you’ve met Ed Yeats and Sean Burke or at least heard their names. Their involvement and dedication to the community make Roxborough a better place to live. As the current leaders of One Roxborough, Yeats and Burke bring together members of the 80125 community to discuss issues and events that affect this area. I recently chatted with them about the organization and what makes it special. Here’s what they had to say:


Why was One Roxborough started and what is the mission of the organization?

Burke: A great person named Peg Hooper came up with the concept. She worked at the Neighborhood Library in Roxborough at the time. She recognized that we had a unique community in the 80125 zip code area. She organized a meeting and brought together certain members of the community to include: schools, sheriff, state parks, The Roxborough Village Metropolitan District, The Roxborough Park Foundation, Roxborough Water and Sanitation District, business leaders, the Library and more.

With the northwest portion of Douglas County being far away from most of the other county and with its increasing population, One Roxborough was formed so that the community could meet and discuss issues and events that were pertinent to our area. One Roxborough also wanted to attract the attention of the Douglas County Government who, at the time, classified the 80125 area as “an outlying” section of the County. As far as the mission of One Roxborough, that can be summed up in the One Roxborough Mission Statement:

“One Roxborough communicates, coordinates and provides leadership to improve
the lives of Residents of the Greater Roxborough Area.”

What makes One Roxborough unique?

Yeats: Let me state that One Roxborough’s name may be misleading as the group is interested in everything that is going on in the 80125 zip code area. The organization is unique because of the people of the entire 80125 zip code area. Roxborough is and will always be a destination. The Pike National forest and a lot of open space insures this. With that, the residents of the area enjoy a different lifestyle as we are out of the urban setting somewhat. What that means is that the people of 80125 really take care of their own. This is a trait you may not see in other parts of the Denver area. That is what makes One Roxborough and the residents unique.

How long have you been involved?

Yeats: One Roxborough was formed in June of 2006. I am a charter member of the organization. I have been honored to be in my fourth term as a co-chairperson of One Roxborough and am very heavily involved with the community.

What are the benefits of being involved?

Burke: The main benefit of being involved with One Roxborough is being affiliated with and getting to see the attendees at each meeting. At the meetings, each attendee can bring information about the community to the table and each of the attendees can then disburse that information back to the community. This in itself is one of the biggest functions of One Roxborough.

What are some of the things that One Roxborough has accomplished?

Burke: We are very proud of the many accomplishments we’ve achieved some of which include:

  • Dramatic improvements in the relationship of Roxborough (as an area) and Douglas County Government;
  • Improved communications among Roxborough stakeholders (HOAs, businesses, fire, sheriff, state parks, etc.);
  • Designation from the US Postal Service (USPS) to have Roxborough, CO as an official address for the Roxborough area (for the 80125 area code). This took five years to accomplish and we had the support of our Douglas County Commissioners. The final meeting took place at the USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

How can community residents or organizations participate?

Yeats: The One Roxborough meetings are open to the public. Anyone can come. There is not a membership. There is an email list that you can join to get updates and meeting announcements. Please contact Ed Yeats at ed.yeat@gmail.com or Sean Burke at burke_usa@comcast.net to be placed on the email list.

Residents are encouraged to come and listen to what is going on in the community and then take things back to the community. You can also bring things to the group for discussion. Just let Sean or Ed know a week before the scheduled meetings so they can get you on the agenda.

What is one interesting fact about One Roxborough that people may not know?

Burke: One Roxborough is recognized by Douglas County. Upper level County Staff full time employees attend One Roxborough meetings and bring County and 80125 area updates to the group. These County individuals are remarkable and can find out answers to questions during the meetings via the Internet. While this area was designated as an “outlying area” at one time in the past, Douglas County has fully recognized our 80125 area and included us in County business. In fact, Douglas County recognized One Roxborough as a referral agency for input on the County Master Plan. The same plan was adopted by Sterling Ranch and Sterling Ranch has included all 10 suggested points of the One Roxborough input to the Master Plan in Sterling Ranch’s future plans.

What is one interesting fact about you that people may not know?

Yeats: Well, I have some strong beliefs. One thing for sure is that I think that it is our responsibility to take care of kids and seniors. I am passionate about that. These are the two groups in our society that need direction and assistance. Also, I strongly feel that we should all do our part in contributing to and making our community great – without seeking recognition for it. “It takes a whole village” is an understatement when it concerns public safety, school education or reaching out to a neighbor-senior-child when they need help. It makes a great community if everyone does that. I try to and know I could do more!

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