Roxborough Elementary Principals Featured in DCSD Newsline

Rox_KendallMurthaDOUGLAS COUNTY – Nestled among the foothills at the northwestern edge of Douglas county, lies a secluded community where two school buildings house nearly 900 elementary students.

Roxborough Primary School serves children from kindergarten through second grade; Roxborough Intermediate School serves students from third to sixth grade. While each school has its own principal, both schools integrate into a cohesive learning environment with a common mission.

Principals Jennifer Murtha (Roxborough Intermediate), and Rick Kendall (Roxborough Primary), work closely together to bring a unique level of support to students and staff. With a principal in each building that is focused on the unique needs of each group of learners, the “One School, Two Buildings” model allows each principal to tailor their school system to best meet those needs.

Murtha and Kendall emphasize that both the Primary and Intermediate schools maintain a deep connection with the community, embracing supportive parent involvement and close staff connections. These connections provide a solid foundation for the school’s focus on student inquiry and candidacy to become an International Baccalaureate campus.

“Our collaboration gives the community a consistent PK-6 vision for Roxborough,” said Murtha. “We are truly partners, and it is rare to have a teammate in this profession. It is so amazing to have this level of support for our community, our teachers and our students.”

Kendall, elaborating on Murtha’s sentiment, adds, “With our unique model of “One School, Two Buildings,” we feel that it is vital to have a common SAC, PTA, and teacher leadership team.  Because we respect the strengths of the other person, we rely on one another’s perspective and experience to make the best decisions.  We also purposefully bring the staff together for much of our staff development in order to maintain vertical alignment of our vision.”

Read more about Kendall and Murtha including 10 fun facts.

Reprinted with permission from the Douglas County School District.

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