The Roxborough Renegades 4H Group Update

Michaela VanderHamm, left, and Lexi McEwen, right

Michaela VanderHamm, left, and Lexi McEwen, right

By Roisin McEwen, 4-H Leader

We are very proud to share the wonderful showing our 4-H group made at the Douglas County Fair. Our projects were mostly in livestock this year, though the photography projects scored in the top five in their divisions.  The highlights were Luke Bakken and Jadon VanderHamm earning a Grand Champion in llama with Michaela VanderHamm earning a Reserve Champion in llama.  Equally impressive was Lexi McEwen earning a Grand Champion in English Riding and a Reserve Champion in Western Riding and Michaela VanderHamm earning a Reserve Champion in both English and Western Riding.  All of the horse and llama project kids did equally well in competitions at Stock Show, Horse Expo, and the Llamas of Central Colorado Show through the year.

These projects do not only consist of prizes and premiums at the Fair at the end of the Summer.  All year these youngsters learn to keep their project records, do some club community service, do some club fundraising, do a club demonstration, and attend club project and monthly business meetings, often serving as club officers or representing us at County 4H Council meetings and in other 4H and outside contests throughout the year.  There are a large variety of projects for members 8-18 to choose from (over 53 at my last count, including independent and County only projects).  We even welcome 5 to 7 year olds as Cloverbuds who do a noncompetitive project that shows at County Fair.

I am always asked what 4H is: “4H is an informal, educational program for youth” and “4H programs help youth develop life skills that will carry them forward as responsible informed citizens and productive, thoughtful adults.  4Hers have fun with friends at meetings, social activities, camps, and fairs”.  Also, “4H is a ‘learn by doing’ program”.  Parents and volunteer leaders have fun too! Come join us! We usually meet the first Friday night of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Westridge Recreation Center.  We all bring a small dish to share.  Call me at 303-882-5766 for more information.

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