10 Things You May Not Know About the Roxborough Area

As a resident of Roxborough for almost eight years, I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by a great community and some of the loveliest views in the Denver metro area. I’ve learned a lot about Roxborough over the years, but I still learn new things about it that I find fascinating and that make living here even more special.

Here’s a list of interesting facts about the Roxborough area that you may not know:

According to geologists, it took 300 million years for the slanted, jagged cerise rocks you see in Roxborough Park to form.


Silicated Brick Company kiln site, photo credit: Douglas County

• The Waterton Canyon Trail is the start of the famous Colorado Trail that spans from Denver, CO to Durango, CO covering hundreds of miles.

• One of the area’s main industries was the Silicated Brick Company, which produced distinctive white bricks. The kiln burned limestone into lime, which was added to silica sand. The kiln site was designated as a Douglas County historical landmark on August 22, 2007.

• The remains of 30 Columbian Mammoths were discovered right here in Roxborough at the Lamb Spring site.


Roxborough Skate Park, photo credit: coskate.com

• The Roxborough Skate Park was built as a result of a collaborative effort among many of the One Roxborough members and was named “Best Skatepark in Denver” in 2010 by Westword Magazine.

• Several inactive mines are found in the Roxborough area. An active quarry operation is on-going by Robinson Brick Company along the northeast hogback and overlooks the Roxborough Village community.

• The uplifts right by Roxborough are part of the last remaining hills of the Dakota Ridge Hogback and are much older than the Rocky Mountains.

Roxborough State Park is one of the most beautiful, yet least utilized state parks in Colorado.

Roxborough Intermediate School was one of the Douglas County School District’s energy efficient prototype schools. It was built utilizing a cooling ice storage system and automatic sunlight harvesting programming.

Arrowhead Golf Course is one of America’s most photographed golf courses.


Photo credit: Arrowhead Golf Course

Special thanks to Sean Burke, Amy Sherman, and Ed Yeats for contributing to this blog.

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