Welcome to Roxborough! Please join us at our next meeting!

One Roxborough meets the first Thursday of every other month:
February, April, June, August, October and December
9:00am to 11:30am
Roxborough Park Foundation Community Center, 6237 Roxborough Drive, Roxborough, CO 80125

Roxborough “80125″ is full of synergy! The phenomenon of two or more influences acting in common with each other having a result or effect which is greater than the sum of the parts, that’s Roxborough! We have seen in time and time again with many sectors of the community coming together to help the less fortunate in our community.  Or maybe it is the many sectors coming together to raise money or contribute time for the benefit of our community.  In Roxborough, this happens year in and year out, time and time again.

We are One Roxborough.  In 2006, One Roxborough came into existence as the result of an idea of Peg Hooper, then manager of the Roxborough Library.  Peg had a vision, she believed that we all needed to bring various components of the community together in order to benefit the entire community.  One Roxborough is nothing more than organizations and people in our community coming together to talk about things that affect our community.  The members are not elected, rather they are volunteers who represent the 80125 community.  A list of our members can be found under the “Members” tab.

Check out this video about Roxborough! While a bit dated, it definitely shows the community spirit we have!



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